David Oman

Expert Facilitator

David’s background covers a diverse range of disciplines from strategic planning to human relations.  His formal education includes a Masters degree in Business Administration.. Over the last decade, David has concentrated his efforts in the area of organizational behavior using principles of engagement to broaden perspectives on business success.  He has applied organizational change theory to the development and implementation of strategic plans.  Beyond planning, however, lies David’s real interest, in facilitating change.  His ability to think critically as well as strategically has been a great asset in implementing change in complex systems.

David has worked with senior management groups, developed team interventions, and designed organization-wide measurement systems. His areas of specialty include strategic planning, executive coaching, organizational analysis, employee engagement and expert level facilitation.

David enjoys his work in the field of organizational change, working with leaders to build cultures that are growth oriented and flexible in the face of constant change.

In his spare time David is an avid photographer who strives to capture the beauty of Canadian landscapes.