Strategic Planning

Effective Strategic Planning is what differentiates successful organizations.  The Convergence Group has extensive experience in providing support in strategic planning for private, public, and education sectors. We have worked with small, medium, and large organizations to support the development of strategies that are designed to achieve business success in dynamic and unpredictable environments. In rapidly changing times a strategic plan is essential.

Strategic Planning is a critically important business tool for both large and small organizations. We offer over 20 years of experience in the planning process to help you develop the strategy that is right for you.  We simplify the process into understandable chunks without compromising the integrity of the process.  We will guide you through the vision / goal development, current state assessment, gap analysis, and selection of best fit strategies.  We also provide support in the development of supporting measurement systems (dashboard of indicators) which continually update leaders on the progress of initiatives. Our expertise also includes implementation support and change management.

Strategic Planning Step 1: Current State Assessment

We use a variety of strategic planning assessment tools such as SWOT, PEST, and environmental scanning. We leverage technology by using e-surveys to collect assessment data from customers, partners, and stakeholders. Of all the stages in strategic planning the current state assessment is the most critical. An honest objective “no rose coloured glasses” view of an organization’s position is key to the development of effective strategies. We employ tools such as e-surveys to gather information to accurately assess current strengths and opportunities.

Strategic Planning Step 2: Gap Analysis

Our consultants will facilitate your discussion of gaps and help you to prioritize the key problem areas.

Strategic Planning Step 3: Strategy Selection

When the key gaps have been identified energy can then be focused on the development of approaches to close gaps.  It is important to remember that not all strategies will be right for you. A careful analysis will help determine the best fit strategies to ensure implementation success. A key point of failure is picking a theoretically ideal strategy that you do not have the capacity to execute.