Expert Facilitation

Expert Facilitation

CCG offers expert facilitation services to help build agreements and commitment. We act as a catalyst enabling teams to achieve extraordinary results. David Oman is a certified trainer of facilitators (Interaction Associates) with over 20 years of experience. Our training courses allow you to build the skills you need to facilitate effectively. Let us make your meetings more productive!

What is Expert Facilitation?

While meeting facilitation is more common in business settings, the value of good facilitation cannot be taken for granted. Think back to a session that was not well facilitated and you will no doubt resonate with the “beam me up Scottie” phrase from Star Trek. Our goal is to design an agenda for you that will not only meet your needs but exceed them.  Participants will be engaged in the process and will participate freely. Our process is to first meet with you to understand the desired outcomes for the session. We then work with you to custom design an agenda to achieve your goals.  Expert facilitation goes beyond normal meeting management and uses advanced techniques to surface resistance, discuss issues openly, and build lasting agreements. We specialize in challenging situations where stakeholders may have conflicting priorities. Our role is to create an environment where all perspectives can be heard to build coalitions and support for agreements.

Our philosophy on facilitation is that the knowledge and ability to move forward resides within the group and that it is the role of the facilitator to create the environment where ideas can be surfaced and heard. Expert facilitation involves intervening seamlessly without disrupting the flow of discussions to keep the group focused and on track.

Our facilitation role during sessions is to:

  •     Be completely objective on the issues
  •     Creates safe environment for open and honest dialogue
  •     Ensure that diverse views are surfaced and heard
  •     Ask probing and challenging questions
  •     Ensure the session remains focused
  •     Confirm key decisions and agreements
  •     Integrate ideas from all participants

Our facilitators all have formal training in group process and can help you achieve great results even in the most challenging situations.