Stakeholder Consultation, Mediation

Stakeholder Consultation

CCG has expertise in conducting stakeholder consultation sessions that allow all voices to be heard. Many issues today require early stakeholder involvement to enable successful implementation. We ensure that your process for consultation respectfully surfaces the views of all parties.

Stakeholder Consultation – Engagement

Stakeholder consultation is a process that is often required in complex or contentious projects. The intended outcome of a consultation process is actually stakeholder engagement.

There are significant benefits in developing a coordinated approach which engages all affected stakeholders. Effective stakeholder engagement is achieved by negotiating differences and aligning interests to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

Some of the benefits that can be realized from effective engagement are:

  • Integrated planning through a coordination of efforts
  • Shared understanding, and actively engaged stakeholders enhancing commitment for organizational goals and priorities
  • Developing synergies
  • Facilitating consensus throughout the community of stakeholders
  • Developing better information to make decisions
  • Minimizing the risk of leaving out important contributions
  • Ensuring planning and implementation remains in alignment.