DiSC ®

DiSC Overview

The DiSC model is a practical model that was developed by Dr. William M. Marston. His extensive research identified four major behavioral patterns (personality styles) that are present in all people to varying degrees. Personality styles were the focus of Marston’s work and the DiSC model reveals the usefulness of this approach for improving leadership effectiveness and understanding the goals and priorities of others.

Over the years, researchers have built on this model of personality styles, making it one of the most robust systems for raising awareness. CCG is an authorized distributor of Inscape-Wiley products, which includes many specialized assessment options from the traditional DiSC® tool to the revolutionary Leadership 363,  including:

  • Everything DiSC® System
    • Workplace
    • Management
    • Work of Leaders
    • Sales
    • Leadership 363

Personality assessment tools can reveal differences in communication styles which can often result in miscommunication and have a negative impact on team performance. We provide tools and training to help teams better understand self and others. Participants recognize this personality tool as something they can apply right away, both with their customers and their co-workers. The nature of the tool is that it focuses only on observed behaviour so it is not only easy to understand, but also safe to use. Videos used in the training are informative and entertaining.