Janie Hotz

Creativity, Adult Education

Janie’s background is in education with special interest in the Arts.  Her work experience covers teaching, retail marketing, and small business development.  She founded an interior design firm and enjoyed a loyal following of clients.  It was in this business that she discovered the interdependence of the supply chain and became fascinated with the concept of collaborative networks.  No one business can go it alone and be successful.  Success is dependent more than ever before on partnerships and collaboration.

A key operating principle of the Convergence Group is modelling partnerships and collaboration with other practitioners to bring clients the most powerful and dynamic combination of resources.

Over the last decade, Janie has concentrated her efforts in finding ways to help organizations to build effective partnerships, both internally and externally.  Her passion for the Visual Arts fuels creative approaches to relationship building and solving business problems.  Janie believes that we are all born as creative beings, but many of us fail to fully develop and use these skills.

Janie’s formal education includes degrees in Education and Fine Art.  She is a voracious reader and believes in life long learning.

Her passion for gardening  provides a marvellous metaphor for leadership.  The planting of seeds, the nurturing of young plants, watering, fertilizing and the occasional pruning are as essential in leadership as they are in gardening.