Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision and Values

What is a Strategic Vision?

A clear vision statement indicating where you are heading as an organization and how you conduct yourself on that journey (values).  A Strategic Vision goes further than simply describing “mission accomplished” and defines the key outcomes that need to be achieved. A clear definition of outcomes is a key enabler for strategy development and organizational alignment. Vision and Values are underpinning elements for sustainable business success. Prior to initiating a Strategic Planning Process, it is important to clearly define the vision or end state, in terms of outcomes.  From this long term desired state, we work with you to determine the outcomes that are represented with the vision statement.  Planning can then clearly identify what approaches are necessary to move towards the outcomes identified.

A Strategic Vision is not a slogan, nor is it a fluffy statement unrelated to the business. It should be focused, specific and descriptive. You should be able to test day to day decisions against the outcomes of the Strategic Vision.  Ask the questions…”Will this activity mus us towards our desired outcomes?” If not, why would you consider diverting resources to this activity?  A Strategic Vision should also be a stretch that allows the organization to grow in the pursuit of stated outcomes. A low bar vision will not motivate or inspire an organization.

Why are Values Important?

Values are the building blocks of culture. Clarifying the values of an organization can be a powerful enabler for changing culture and describing what is important to the organization. It is not enough to state what you will accomplish in terms of outcomes. It is also important to state how you will conduct yourself in the pursuit of those goals. Articulating the values of the organization act as a prevention to explicitly state the code of conduct clarifying what behaviour is acceptable and what is not.

CCG specializes in planning retreats to help organizations build a clear and compelling Strategic Vision and Values.